About us

Our company Aracoal Artisan Soaps & Jewelry is a Puerto Rican micro-enterprise managed by artisan Mary Ann Donze certified by the Development Company since March 3, 2020.

This company was created with the inspiration that her angels give her from heaven Armando J. Donze Father, Carlos Donze, Brother and Nathan Colón, grandson but we cannot leave behind her family especially her mother Isa Velazquez, daughter Ciara Medina, grandchildren Zaid Colon, Ethan Colon, sisters Geraldine Berlingeri, Elizabeth Donze and her husband John Diaz who have been her example and guide to continue fighting in such difficult times in which the world is going through. Her love for the art of creation has prompted her to create her business despite the adversities that she has encountered on her way, the struggle to want to publicize her art and support her family have led her to the creation of this wonderful empire Aracoal Artisan Soaps & Jewelry.

Aracoal Artisan Soaps & Jewelry has a wide variety of products from soaps, scrubs, lipsticks, lip balm, lip gloss, body wash, body splash, perfumes for men and women, candles for aromatherapy and massages. In the same way, she has created products for puppies and cats have their line of products called Anubis Dog & Cat Line that offers balm for dog and cats paws, shampoo and perfume. We could not keep out her hand made jewelry which are made of polymer clay, wiring jewelry made with quartz. Her Jewelry are unique and exclusive pieces. IMs. Donze also gives classes in soap making, creams, scrubs and many many more, products for dogs and handmade jewelry. Classes are in person and/or through the TEAMS application.


Make known the art made by the hands of a Puerto Rican artisan and make known the best of our culture. Through the constant development and continuous improvement of our processes and products, satisfying the needs and requirements of our clients at a local and national level, we improve the performance and development of our team, in addition to complying with social responsibility in the environment in which we operate.


To be an innovative company, in permanent growth, that offers the market a varied portfolio of products in the personal area and that exceeds the expectations of our clients in a harmonious and respectful way with the environment.


Incorporate the latest technological advances to maintain a century-old tradition of quality personalized products based on experience and customer orientation.